Create new paste
Creating a paste is a one-click job. Simply visit http://paste.thezomg.com/ and paste your text inside the resizable text area. Select the paste language from a wide range of available options and optionally add you username in the alias box. Click on the Paste button to create your paste.
Marking pastes as private
You can mark a paste as private by clicking on the Mark as private button or checkbox. Marking a paste as private does not password protect it. Private pastes do not appear in the paste list or in search results. They have a hash code in their URLs that must be supplied in order to view the paste. A misplaced hash code will lead to the paste being lost permanently.
Password protection
You can password protect your pastes by providing a password at the appropriate textbox. The password is encrypted and securely stored, while the post is automatically marked as private. Passwords cannot be reset by site administrators.
Viewing a paste
To view a paste, simply visit http://paste.thezomg.com/<id>, where id is the paste ID. For private pastes, you also need to provide the paste hash code in the URL: http://paste.thezomg.com/<id>/<hash>. Password protected pastes will take you to the password entry form, where you can enter the password and click on Submit to view the paste.
Copying code
You can copy the code from the view page directly. You can also request for a raw version of the code (without styling) by clicking on the Raw code link or visiting http://paste.thezomg.com/<id>/raw directly.
Paste archive
The paste archive shows you a list of all posts with a given set of parameters. You can navigate through the archives by clicking on the page numbers listed on the archive page. Clicking on the View paste link will open the specific post. Private and password protected posts do not appear on the post archive.
RSS Feed
You can get a list of recent pastes via RSS to your favourite feed reader. Feeds can be also added to IRC bots in order to announce new pastes in project channels. To view the RSS feed, click on the Feed icon or open http://paste.thezomg.com/rss in your browser.
Pastebin projects
You can create your very own project pastebin by simply visiting http://paste.thezomg.com/~myproject (where myproject is the project name). Project names can contain letters (a-z) and period (.) and are case insensitive. Once a project is created, all URLs point to the dedicated pastebin pages (For example, the feed link changes to http://paste.thezomg.com/~myproject/rss for your project specific pastebin and shows only pastes belonging to your project). Pastes made within a project are not listed in other projects' archives.